The Chords

Each key is a perfume, each key is music, each key touches the soul of those who stop to listen and feel.
This is when the scent vibrates, revealing the intimate essence of things, spreading endlessly like the sweetness of the spirit and the senses.



flacone_armonie della sera
“All night long we can exhale the fragrance,
coming with the wind”
(G. Pascoli)


“Legs are entangled, looks melt, bodies…
allow themselves to be enchanted, in a big magical embrace”
(Jorge Luis Borges)


“…the wide back shines
Like a crystal… the wave…
Foams, looks whiteIt flowers, smells”


flacone_armonie della sera
“Scented rhythm of love
that drags the soul into an ancient and mysterious dance,
a rainbow of Cuban sounds and smells
that colours the memory with a cool and sensual harmony,
memory of a journey that smells of beauty and freedom,
of music and poetry.”

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